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Blacks seen as targets of menthol
Eighty years after a man named Lloyd "Spud" Hughes, as legend has it, accidentally mixed his tobacco with menthol crystals, Congress is figh ...
Shocking teenage smoking figures revealed
UNDERAGE teenagers are smoking up to 200 cigarettes a week, shocking new research has revealed. A study by anti-smoking charity ASH Wales found th ...
Legislature moves to collect taxes on reservation cigarette sales
Surprising lobbyists on both sides of the issue, state lawmakers gave final passage Friday to a measure that would end tax-free cigarette sales by Ame ...
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  State Express 555 International
  State Express 555
  State Express 555 Classic

  Alliance Filter
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  Alliance 3

  Belomorcanal Papiroses

  Bond Classic Selection
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  Bond Special Fine
  Bond Special Mild
  Bond Special Rich
  Bond Street Super Slims Gold
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  Boss Classic
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  Camel Filters
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  Camel Refined Flavour
  Camel Super Slims White
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  Camel Non Filter Cigarettes
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  Capri Azzurro
  Capri Bianco

  Captain Black Classic
  Captain Black Dark Crema
  Captain Black Cherise

  Carbon C5
  Carbon C3

  Chesterfield Classic Red
  Chesterfield Classic Blue
  Chesterfield Classic Silver
  Chesterfield Super Slims Agate
  Chesterfield Super Slims Ivory

  Cigaronne Slims Classic
  Cigaronne Slims Classic 5
  Cigaronne Slims Exclusive
  Cigaronne Slims Exclusive 6

  Classic Red
  Classic Blue
  Classic Silver

  Dallas Classic
  Dallas 6

  Davidoff Classic
  Davidoff Gold
  Davidoff Slims Classic 100s
  Davidoff Slims Gold 100s
  Davidoff Magnum
  Davidoff Silver
  Davidoff Supreme
  Davidoff Ultra Slims
  Davidoff Super Slims Black
  Davidoff Super Slims White

  Delta Red
  Delta Blue

  Dunhill International Menthol
  Dunhill Blue
  Dunhill International
  Dunhill Filter
  Dunhill International Gold
  Dunhill Ultra
  Dunhill Infinite

  Epique Superslims 100s
  Epique Superslims Menthol 100s

  Esse Super Slims 100s
  Esse Superslims Blue 100s
  Esse Superslims Field 100s
  Esse Superslims Menthol 100s
  Esse Superslims One 100s
  Esse Super Slims Special Gold
  Esse Golden Leaf

  Gauloises Blondes
  Gauloises Blondes 7
  Gauloises Blondes Silver

  Gitanes Blondes Blue
  Gitanes Blondes White

  Glamour 1
  Glamour 3
  Glamour 5
  Glamour Menthol
  Glamour Pinks

  Hilton Cigarettes
  Hilton Silver

  Karelia Slims
  Karelia Slims Blue
  Karelia Slims Menthol
  Karelia Slims Ultima
  Karelia George and Sons
  Karelia George and Sons Gold
  Karelia Superslims Ome Red
  Karelia Superslims Ome Yellow

  Kent White Infina N1
  Kent Silver Neo N4
  Kent Blue Futura N8
  Kent Nanotek Infina
  Kent Nanotek Neo
  Kent Mintek 2
  Kent Convertibles

  LM Red Label
  LM Blue Label
  LM Silver Label
  LM Mixx Slims
  LM Vibe Slims
  LM One
  LM Menthol

  Lucky Strike Original Red
  Lucky Strike Original Silver

  Magna Classic Gold
  Magna Classic Silver
  Magna Classic
  Magna Classic Blue

  Marlboro Red pack
  Marlboro Gold
  Marlboro Gold Accent (Silver)
  Marlboro MX4 Flavor
  Marlboro Filter Plus
  Marlboro Filter Plus One
  Marlboro Menthol
  Marlboro Gold Touch
  Marlboro Gold Fine Touch
  Marlboro Blue Fresh
  Marlboro Blue Ice

  Mild Seven Original
  Mild Seven 6
  Mild Seven 4

  Monte Carlo Red
  Monte Carlo Balanced Blue
  Monte Carlo Subtle Silver

  More Filter
  More Balanced Blue
  More Subtle Silver
  More Red 120s
  More Menthol 120s

  Muratti Slims Gold 100s
  Muratti Slims Silver 100s
  Muratti Gold
  Muratti Silver
  Muratti One

  Next Red Edition
  Next Blue Edition
  Next Azure Edition
  Next Slims Vio 100's
  Next Slims Ros 100's

  Pall Mall Nanokings Blue
  Pall Mall Nanokings Amber
  Pall Mall Nanokings Silver
  Pall Mall Red
  Pall Mall Blue
  Pall Mall Special 6
  Pall Mall Ultimate 1
  Pall Mall Amber
  Pall Mall Superslims Blue 100's
  Pall Mall Superslims Amber 100's
  Pall Mall Superslims Menthol 100
  Pall Mall Los Angeles Blast
  Pall Mall San Francisco Twist
  Pall Mall New Orleans Fusion
  Pall Mall Red 10 cigs
  Pall Mall Blue 10 cigs
  Pall Mall Amber 10 cigs

  Parliament Night Blue
  Parliament Aqua Blue
  Parliament Silver Blue
  Parliament One
  Parliament Super Slims
  Parliament Super Slims Menthol 100's
  Parliament Reserve

  Peter I Cigarettes
  Peter I 6
  Peter I 3
  Peter I Mild

  President Classic Stars
  President Special Stars
  President Fine Stars

  R1 Minima
  R1 Ultra
  R1 Minima Slim Line 100s
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  R1 Slim Line Ultra 100s

  Rothmans International
  Rothmans Royals
  Rothmans King Size
  Rothmans Special Mild

  Russian Style Cigarettes
  Russian Style Blue
  Russian Style Silver
  Russian Style 100

  Salem 100s
  Salem Menthol
  Salem (ru)

  Sobranie Superslims 1
  Sobranie Superslims 3
  Sobranie Superslims 6
  Sobranie Black Russian
  Sobranie Cocktail
  Sobranie Black
  Sobranie Gold
  Sobranie Classic
  Sobranie Classic Gold
  Sobranie Pinks 100s
  Sobranie Reds 100s
  Sobranie Classic Silver
  Sobranie Blues 100s
  Sobranie Mints 100s
  Sobranie White Russian
  Sobranie Blue
  Sobranie Red
  Sobranie Menthol
  Sobranie Whites 100s

  Sovereign Slims
  Sovereign Cigarettes
  Sovereign Blue
  Sovereign Ultra 3
  Sovereign Black
  Sovereign Special Full Flavour
  Sovereign Special 5
  Sovereign Special 4

  Viceroy Red
  Viceroy Blue
  Viceroy Silver
  Viceroy 3
  Viceroy 6
  Viceroy Special

  Virginia Slims Super Slims Premium 100's
  Virginia Slims Super Slims Premium Blue 100's
  Virginia Slims Super Slims Menthol
  Virginia Slims UNO Black 100's
  Virginia Slims UNO White 100's
  Virginia Slims Menthol 100
  Virginia Slims 100

  Vogue Super Slims Bleue 100's
  Vogue Super Slims Menthe 100's
  Vogue Super Slims Lilas 100's
  Vogue Super Slims Arome 100's L'adoration
  Vogue Platine
  Vogue Super Slims Arome 100's L'attraction
  Vogue Super Slims Noire 100's
  Vogue Super Slims Blanche 100's

  West Fusion Black
  West Fusion Silver
  West Red
  West Silver
  West Rich Blue
  West Blue

  Winston Classic
  Winston Balanced Blue
  Winston Subtle Silver
  Winston Fine White
  Winston Super Slims Blue
  Winston Super Slims Fresh Menthol
  Winston Super Slims Silver
  Winston Filters
  Winston XS Blue
  Winston XS Silver

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