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Therapeutic Effects of Smoking
Smoking has always been thought to be bad for health. Of course, cigarettes are relatively bad for health; however it do
Balancing the taste
Balancing the Taste – Balancing the Nicotine and Tar Proportion Yes, balancing the nicotine and tar contents in
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Therapeutic Effects of Smoking
Smoking has always been thought to be bad for health. Of course, cigarettes are relatively bad for health; however it does have its share of benefits with the therapeutic effects it has on the body. The main constitute in cigarettes is said to bring about an improvement in health is the nicotine found in cigarettes.

With smoking, you find an improvement in your mental acuity because of this nicotine. With this improved mental agility, you find you can work and solve problems better and faster. In addition to this, smoking also helps in maintaining your optimal weight as you tend to eat less when smoking. Smoking tends to reduce any craving you may have for food; this is the reason many young girls tend to start smoking!

In addition to this, today lots of types of nicotine drugs and skin patches are being used to effectively treat neurological diseases that don’t seem to find any relief from conventional medicine. In fact, the anti-tobacco enterprises that used to work against the pleasures of smoking today provide the common man an additional reason to smoke because of these medical benefits of nicotine in cheap cigarettes.

This is because neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Tourette’s syndrome, schizophrenia and cocaine addiction can all be alleviated by tobacco. In addition to this, tobacco is also very helpful in preventing colon and prostrate cancer; this is the reason for the medical establishment now endorsing the smoking of tobacco.
The reason the addictive agent, nicotine in cigarettes is now given to Alzheimer’s patients is that it tends to improve their mental prowess, and motor ability. Some experts also say that nicotine is useful in protecting brain cells where death tends to cause symptoms in Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. In fact, this fact can be proven with the fact that it has been found that most of the patients suffering from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease are people who did not have the habit of smoking before the start of the disease.

Besides helping in containing neurological diseases, cigarettes too are effective in lowering the risk of breast cancer in women having gene mutations that are linked to high rates of breast cancer. However though the probability of breast cancer is reduced by smoking cigarettes, these same cigarettes tend to increase the incidence of other cancers.
It was through a study involving women with BRCA gene mutation that it was proven that cigarettes prevent breast cancer as the women with this gene mutation. There was a lower recurrence of breast cancer in women with BRCA gene mutation who smoked. So this proves that something in the 1,300 compounds in cigarette smoke is indeed protective against breast cancer.

In addition to all these benefits that cigarettes bring in preventing breast cancer and help improve neurological conditions, cigarettes prove to be rather relaxing when in times of stress. Many people tend to feel relaxed while and after smoking, as their stress levels tend to go down. So it can be seen that despite the fact that smoking is indeed bad for health, there are some therapeutic benefits you can avail from through smoking.

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